Thursday Jan 26, 2023

Sr. Incident Responder Harlan Carvey Pulls Back the Curtain on Cybercrime Underground from Responder and Attacker Perspective

In this episode, Zaira Pirzada speaks to Harlan Carvey, Senior Incident Responder, R&D at Huntress. During the episode, they talk about how today's current incident response business model can be improved to promote better threat intelligence gathering and collaboration. 

Topics discussed:

  • Harlan explains that in twenty years of incident response work, every job has been unique.
  • He shines light on the state of cybercrime from the responder and attacker perspectives.
  • The importance of collaboration between incident responders and threat intelligence professionals. 
  • How teams can improve their effectiveness by sharing intelligence gathered during incident response. 
  • Why it's important for incident responders to recognize that even if the hardware and software are the same as a previous job, many other factors make each job unique.
  • How he has seen defensive techniques and practices from years ago find application in modern incident response. 
  • Harlan’s predictions on the future of the cybercrime underground, including how shortcomings we see in cybersecurity today are likely to continue until there is a financial incentive for end users to demand better.

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